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Studio Policies


MISSED CLASSES:  Progress and progression is developed upon regular weekly attendance to class. If the dancer is unable to attend class due to illness or extenuating circumstances, please email the studio to let the office know. 

CLASS SIZE/WAITING LISTS: Class sizes are limited. Each year, a new schedule is created. If a class is full, you can be put on a waitlist. 

CLASS CANCELLATIONS: Contacting each family of the student(s) affected by the cancellation will be made with significant notice or immediate notice if we cancel a class due to weather or other circumstances. In the event that a class is cancelled, we will attempt to contact each dancers family affected by the cancellation through telephone or email. There are no refunds or guaranteed make-up classes for classes cancelled due to weather, holidays, studio event cancellations, or other circumstances.

COSTUMES: All students will receive one costume per class they are attending (Combo classes will receive one costume with interchangeable pieces). Measurements will take place during the months of November and December. Upon receiving the costumes, the students will be trying them on.  During this time, the dancer(s) may be changed by staff members of Step Above Dance Academy in order to make appropriate alterations as needed.


Upon entering the studio, a positive and professional attitude is expected by all students and their parents. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Students and parents will be respectful to each other and the faculty. Profanity, un-sportsmanlike conduct, bullying or gossip will not be tolerated by students or parents. Studio director, Lily Jones, reserve the right to ask you to leave the building and possibly be removed from the program permanently.

COMMUNICATION: Do you have a question? We are always willing to help. Feel free to contact us by calling or emailing the studio: Phone: 905-682-1037  Email:

NEWSLETTERS/CALENDAR: To provide clear and consistent information, we publish monthly calendars which we email directly to families on the first of every month. The calendar is also posted on our news board in the lobby. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to stay current on studio news. We use email to send important reminders, flyers, studio information, and account information throughout the year. Please ensure that you write your email address down carefully as you register online so we can keep the lines of communication open!

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