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Recreational Program

The recreational program is designed for beginners, intermediates and advance students. Recreational dance classes are perfect for dancers looking to improve their dancing without the level of commitment required by our competitive program. Dancers will focus on coordination and rhythm. 

Recreational students participate in annual recital near the end of the dance season. 

Interested in classes for

2023/24 Schedule

Free Movement

Ages 2-3

This is an energetic class, which focuses on balance, rhythm and movement. This program is designed to introduce a young child to dance basics and begin to develop in them a love of dance and an appreciation for music.

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Ballet/Tap Combo Class

Ages 4-6

Ballet: An introduction to ballet. Students will learn the basics of ballet; posture, timing.  

Tap: Students will learn the basic rhythm & coordination while learning tap steps.

Dancers will perform two dances in the recital!!

Jazz/Hip Hop Combo Class

Ages 4-6

Tap: Students will learn the basic rhythm & coordination while learning tap steps.

Jazz: This energetic style, basic timing, technique, and co-ordination will be taught.

Dancers will perform two dances in the recital!!

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Ages 5+

Ballet is the foundation of dance. Ballet develops excellent body placement and technique while learning the proper terminology within dance. 


Ages 6+

Through body isolations, timing, technique, and co-ordination, dancers will learn from both the new and traditional jazz genre.

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Ages 6+

With tap shoes, students will develop a strong sense of rhythm, coordination, and agility to a variety of music.

Hip Hop

Ages 5+

A 'fun' high energy dance style. In hip hop, students are taught the latest street moves most often seen in music videos.

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Ages 3+

This class combines both dance and gymnastic technique. Acro develops flexibility, strength and coordination through gymnastic movements.

Acrobatic Exams

* Invitation Only *

Acro Examinations help students grow in technique & discipline in a motivating environment. This is an additional half hour class on top of your students weekly Acro class. Once students are ready they will participate in a Leveled Acrobatics Exam of the teacher choice through Acrobatic Arts.

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Ages 10+

A combination of jazz, ballet, and emotion, lyrical dancers will focus on portraying emotion from a song while using proper dance technique and control.


* Invitation Only *

Using pointe shoes, dancers will progress their ballet technique. Dancers will build strength, balance, and proper technique through on and off-barre exercises.

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Musical Theatre 

*Competitive Only*

This class is a fun and expressive dance style involving character development, lip singing and jazz styled dancing. This is a great class to encourage confidence and character work, well practicing proper technique. 

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