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Welcome to Step Above Dance Academy

Founded 2018


About Us

Welcome to Step Above Dance Academy, a studio focused on positivity, respect and teaching students not only how to dance but how to succeed in life. We believe in nurturing creativity and artistic development, and offer a warm and encouraging environment to foster the growth that all dancers want and need. Reach out today to learn more about the classes we offer and how to get involved.

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Our Mission

Here at Step Above Dance Academy we help develop everyone’s inner dancer, from kids to adults. We strive to build confidence and skills through supporting one another inside and outside of the studio. We believe everyone deserves a chance to express themselves with movement and be a part of the creative and beautiful world of dance. We have worked hard to make this studio a place to grow and learn in a positive, encouraging environment within our staff, as well as our students. Being founded and run by someone who started as a young student and has built their skills and passion throughout their entire life gives Step Above Dance Academy the advantage of firsthand experience and knowledge of the personal and professional rewards that can be achieved. We are about development and expression of one’s creative side no matter our strengths or weaknesses,  we all deserve to share our passion.



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Private Classes



"Gained soo much from her experience"

My 3 year old daughter gained soo much from her experience at Step Above Dance Academy. My daughter started out in September 2021 quite unsure of it all as she sat on the wall and observed the others dance. Her teachers (Ashlee and Jamie) respected where she was at, inviting her to take part while allowing her to take the time that she needed to feel comfortable to do so. Eventually, my daughter began to participate more and more; really how could she not as Ashlee and Jamie were always teaching in such a fun way. Come the recital in June, my daughter was soo excited to share on stage all that she had learned through out the year. My daughter is super excited to continue dance come September 2022. Also, a big thank you to Lily who was always at the door with a warm welcome and goodbye.

- A.P.


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